Minister’s Reflections Spring 2017


“It is the best of times. It is the worst of times”  … or so said Dickens a long time ago.  But it fits today too, doesn’t it?  It is Spring and the universe is doing its thing, regenerating life even as we are fed the daily outrage by the media. Just when we might think there is no hope, something miraculous happens.

It is the daily miracles I am speaking about.  The ones that are so easy to miss:  Like the birds making a nest in a lamp outside my window. Like the sound of the night owl’s call  Like the sounds of moving water, which brings with it images of new life.  . Like the leaves returning to trees that I really thought were dead from neglect. .

I was given a miraculous gift recently.  My daughter’s boyfriend completely cleared out three years of weeds and overgrowth in my back yard. I have been unable to garden for about that long.  Whereas before walking out there brought a sense of defeat, now I see possibilities of new life.  Now I can enjoy it again!  It is a joy to behold.

What miracles are developing in your life?  I hope you can take the time to discover some of those daily and all but invisible miracles…

-Neema Caughran-