cen cirWe hope that our Sunday Meeting offers you an opportunity to experience worship. A high priority is placed on truly meeting in and with the Presence of the Divine Mystery.

We believe that silence is most conducive to encountering that Presence and thus we begin our Meeting at 10:00 AM with a half-hour of silence or contemplative music.  We realize not everyone is comfortable with this much silence and if that describes you we urge you to arrive by 10:25.

The Meetings are continually open to guidance of the Divine Presence, much in the fashion of early Quakers.  This means we are ever evolving regarding the form and structure of the post-meditation portion of our Meeting.  Nearly always we begin with a prayer and sharing thought-provoking quotes from the world’s religious traditions interspersed with quiet reflective periods. There is often a monthly theme for these quotes. This is often followed with a Spirit prompted sharing.

Sometimes there is a brief message by the minister.  Sometimes there is a Spirit –Guided flow of questions regarding spiritual concerns. Some meetings may be very active and talkative and some may be very quiet and contemplative.  We trust that regardless of the form and character of the moments we share, what is sensed is of greater importance than what is said.  We seek to sense the Presence and the Peace of something greater than ourselves, and the love and joy emanating in that Presence.

When verbal participation is appropriate in the Meeting, we invite everyone to subject their sharing to two questions before speaking:

Will this improve upon the Silence?

Is it prompted by the Divine Mystery rather than ego?

We conclude our meetings with a period of silent healing meditation in which you are invited to offer the names of those you wish to hold to the Light.  We then form a closing circle and conclude most often with a benediction and a song. The benediction is the Unity Prayer of Protection:

The Light of God surrounds us.

The Love of God enfolds us.

The Power of God protects us.

The Presence of God watches over us.

Wherever we are, God is, and all is well.

The song:

Oh go in beauty; 

Peace be with you; 

Till we meet again in the Light.


If you wish to contribute financially to support the Center, your offering may be placed in the basket near the door.  Please be guided as to what is appropriate for you to do.

The First Sunday of Every Month
Join us for munchies and conversation after the Sunday service at 11:30 am. Bring a snack to share