Meditation classes will begin Monday 3/19/18 at 7pm at the Center and will continue every Monday until 4/9/18.
RSVP at 719-543-2274.
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What the Center for Inner Peace is…

393651_109771332477621_1920708403_nThe Center for Inner Peace is an interfaith church and spiritual growth center. It is committed to helping persons find and experience the inner peace, which comes from being atuned to, and aligned with the Divine Presence and the silence within.  We are open to insights and revelations from all of the world’s spiritual and religious traditions. We are also open to contemporary sources of spiritual nourishment, such as A Course in Miracles, etc.  Our history lies in the metaphysical and New Thought outlook as expressed through such groups as Unity, Divine Science, and Religious Science. Our foundation is in the writings and experiences of the mystics and contemplatives of the world’s religions through history and in the present.

We have no creed or statement of faith. We encourage persons to seek their own spiritual paths, in an ever-expanding consciousness of Truth and an ever-growing awareness of — the Divine Presence — as a living, daily reality in the midst of their lives. We believe that each of us has our own unique path. We welcome all who are seeking spiritual fulfillment, but feel they have not yet found it through other churches or groups or on their own. We are a different kind of church, and we invite you to check us out for several Sundays to see if you feel guided to make us your spiritual home. If we are not the right place for you, keep on searching until you find what you need.

What it intends to accomplish

The Center intends to be a new kind of church — a church more concerned with spirituality than religion; a church more concerned with simplicity, silence, and inner listening than ritual,  and too much talk; a church centered around inner peace and its Source rather than intellectualizing and theologizing; and a church more concerned with encountering the reality represented by the term God, than with quibbling over which messenger of that reality is greatest or best or truest.

The Center seeks to provide a Sunday morning experience wherein persons will be able to become increasingly at ease in and with the Silence, and will receive nourishment for their spiritual hunger, healing for their hurts and dis-ease, and inner peace for their troubled or searching hearts and minds.

The Center also seeks to increase persons’ awareness of the Divine Mystery through meditation and prayer. Our founder, Roger Hupp encourages the development at a 6-step process of centering: sit, stay, settle, listen, hear, respond.

What activities the Center Offers

The Center’s fundamental activity is the Sunday Meeting. Beyond that, we offer various classes, and a prayer ministry. Other events occur from time to time as Guidance directs. As we grow and expand, we anticipate being able to offer more opportunities for growth for adults and for children.

Sunday Services 10:00-10:30 Silent meditation (come anytime but enter quietly)
10:30-11:30 Service (refreshments afterwards)